We started out as India's first bloggers' social network 'AddiQtd.com' in 2011, now IBTN9.

Stories You Need to Know, People You Need to Reach

IBTN9.com is a web infotainment network with content specific to business, technology and lifestyle that caters to multiple psychographics, across India & North America. The network serves as a great advertising opportunity for businesses due to its rich content and strong readership. The network has 3 social media sub-brands – IBTN9 Business, IBTN9 Life and IBTN9 Food.

Opportunities with IBTN9.COM

Promoted Stories

The infotainment network provides a great opportunity for businesses to showcase new product launches, announcements and accomplishments through advertorial articles, and special stories.

Website Advertising

You can easily put a video or banner ad on various sections of the website, including sidebars and between stories. It is a great way to grab attention of online readers and promote a call-to-action link.

Digital Event Associations

The post-pandemic world has boosted live online events and we facilitate free and paid events on our network on various topics to help people get insights, and that also acts as a good opportunity for advertisers.