Jackson Records

Jackson Records

A record label based out of India with global digital distribution network.


Jackson Records, previously incorporated as Jackson Records Digital Entertainment LLP, is a audio record label established in 2011. One of the pioneers of digital audio distribution in Eastern India, the label has worked with several artists, film producers and production companies to release music worldwide.

In 2024, the brand ‘Jackson Records’ has been acquired by Incfrog Group, and nested under the media wing – Incfrog Media. The focus of the label is to enable independent artists distribute and promote their musical works and to produce original content.

Opportunities with Jackson Records

Digital Audio Distribution

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, streaming platforms provide seamless access to music, podcasts, and audiobooks across various streaming services and digital stores. We help creators reach these platforms and collect revenue.

Audio / Video Production

Whether it’s a corporate video, a cinematic masterpiece, or a captivating podcast, our team delivers high-quality, impactful content that resonates with audiences everywhere. Up your storytelling with our audio visual production solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Music Promotion

We connect your talent to the right audience through strategic marketing, social media campaigns, and playlist placements. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to amplify your sound, ensuring your music gets the recognition it deserves.