Incfrog Media

Formerly "Jackson Records", Incmedia is a media and communications company that specializes in content production, digital distribution and digital publishing.


Incfrog Media, formerly known as Jackson Records Digital Entertainment is acquired by Incfrog Group and serves as the umbrella to all media services of Incfrog Digital Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2011 as a record label “Jackson Records”, the company is led by a team with over three decades of experience in media production, publishing and branding.

Media is in our DNA and technology is at our core. An amalgamation of both puts us in a favourable position where we understand your business needs and are able to come up with creative ideas and execute those ideas with state-of-the-art technologies. Our background in digital sciences enable us to optimize web content production according to target audience groups.


Media Production

We focus on producing engaging content and providing the right channels of distribution to reach out to the global audience, bridging creativity and technology.

New Media & Publishing

We started out as India's first bloggers' social network '' in 2011, now IBTN9. We are continously working with creators & contributors create new content across the globe.

Digital Distribution

One of the pioneers of digital audio distribution, we have global strategic partnerships with music streaming apps & licensing companies to make contents like music, podcasts & videos available across continents.

Post Production

From basic social media videos to complex animations and films, we can help in creating the final package that includes design, titling, edit, visual effects and colour correction.

Communication Strategy

As a media company, we understand the value of communication and positioning. Our team of communication experts help in creating the storytelling approach for your business and get the word out via media networks.

Branding & Design

Incmedia helps in creating your brand identity across multiple channels. Our designers and creative strategists are experienced and serve Fortune 500 companies. Colours, shape, dimensions, typography and the final design - we deliver it all.