Audio Video Production & Cloud Delivery

Digital Media Production

We are one of the pioneers of Digital Media in eastern India

Media Content Creation & Cloud Delivery

We focus on producing engaging content and providing the right channels of distribution to reach out to the global audience, bridging creativity and technology.

Video Production

We produce high quality short films, documentaries & corporate videos, optimised for internet streaming across multiple channels.

Music Production

Our network of professional musicians, studios & mastering services enable production of quality music that match up with the industry standards.


We provide end-to-end solutions for TV Commercials, from concept & strategy to final production & packaging.

Post Production

Our team offers post-production services like video edit, colour grading, visual effects and cross-platform delivery.

Videos for Social Media

You can be a blogger, influencer, content creator or a brand. We cater to your short video needs, weekly or monthly video deliveries.

Brand Photography

Creating your personal brand or a business, you need high quality photographs. Our photographers build your portfolio based on brand marketing needs & specifications.